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~March 24, 2021, “Spontaneous Prayers”

I woke up this morning to go grocery shopping. I decided to put on The Cherry Vine’s A Man Who Prays tee-shirt. As I was putting away the groceries in the trunk of the car, an older man asked me to come over and pray for him. He said that he noticed the shirt and wanted me to pray for him. I asked him what he wanted me to pray for, and he said, “Wisdom.” I prayed for him in the parking lot of Walmart. He was a pastor, and simply needed and requested prayer.

The message: “You never know what God is up to. When I woke up this morning, that is not what I expected.” ~ Peter S.

~August 7, 2019, “I Just Try To Be Nice”

Walking up to grocery counter, an older lady gives me a stare, checking out my WSSU t-shirt. She doesn’t say anything, looking a little grumpy, but proceeds to scan my grocery items.
Bagger(teenager): How are you?
Me: Fine, thank you.
And how are you?
Bagger: I’m good. Thanks for asking.
Me: No, thank you again for asking.
Bagger: Well, I just try to be nice, you know?
Me: Well, it matters. That’s a great thing. (smile)
The little ole lady: (Finished my checkout, seeming so reluctant) — Have a good day. Come again. (no smile)
Me: Thank you. (smile)
The message: It’s so amazing how a little kindness can rub off. No matter how old we are, we can learn the value of kindness from children. ~Lisa B

~February 14, 2019, Money Love On Valentine’s Day!

Shopping in Walmart in Ahoskie, NC on Valentine’s Day, my mom and I ran into two ladies down a food aisle. One of the ladies happened to have a handful of bills. I proceeded to jokingly ask her, “Don’t y’all want to share the love?” She said, “Sure!”, then handed me and my mom $10 each. I was shocked! I gave the young lady a hug and thanked her. My sister was further down the aisle, so we thought that she had missed out on this blessing. After we had teased her about it for a few minutes, we ran into the ladies again. The same woman walked up to my sister, telling her that she didn’t know that she was with us. She then pulled another $10 bill from her stash and gave it to her. The lady then smiled and simply said, “I’m glad to be a blessing to y’all!” ~Veronica T

~January 1, 2019, 2018 Was Good!

On New Year’s Day, I realized that I had some cool things to happen in 2018. In one year, I got a girlfriend who I love and adore, a new job, my own apartment, and a new car. God is really good. #goodstories ~Joe Bell

~January 1, 2019, God Changes People

“Wow. You just caught me on my knees. I just finished praying” is the response that I received when I called a family member on New Year’s Day morning. Taken aback by the response, as I’ve never heard this person utter those words, I immediately thought, God is so good! Thank The Lord!! Continuing the conversation, the person shared, “I’m just praying for God’s will, that’s all.” Music to my ears! God is able to do all things! ~ Lisa B