Relationships – Rescue, Ruin or Resurrection?

This section includes guest blogger discussions about relationships–Is a situation destined for ruin or can it be resurrected?

~5 Keys To Identifying Your SoulMate by Toure’ Roberts~

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Happiness Is Homemade ~ Marriage Survival Kit 

Guest Blogger ~ JaQuita Cherry Richardson 

Are you willing to search within yourself for the character required to make your marriage work?  All of our relationships follow the contours of life; they have critical measure of our character and the opportunity again and again to nurture it. Make sure that these tools are in your Marriage Survival Kit:

  1. Tape Measure – Love beyond measure.
  2.  Tape – Stick together.
  3.  Nails – Build your relationship every day.
  4.  Glue – Establish a fine bond.
  5.  Band-Aid – Cuts can be deep, but they heal with proper care.

Keep your marriage strong and your Survival Kit handy!