Favorite Facebook Posts

Resurrecting Us!

Happy Resurrection Sunday, FB fam!  As we celebrate the beautiful resurrection story, the Risen Christ, let’s give some thought on resurrecting ourselves! Bring life to lifelessness. Make an effort to leave old baggage–drama, distrust, anger, fear, resentment, disappointment, any and all strongholds behind! Make a commitment to yourself to become a new creature, a different being, in Christ. Focus on what God may be calling you to do. I’m working on it!

Enjoy your day and let the celebration continue past Easter Sunday. Peace and Blessings…LB



So Who’s Really Necessary?

One of the most beautiful things that comes with spiritual growth is determining who is NECESSARY in your life and who isn’t. For those who are, be able to assess what level of relationship is acceptable for YOU! The level that coincides with your path, your walk, your growth. So thankful for the Necessaries!!!!! Just one of my “dropped in my spirit” moments… 😉


A New Year – 2016

facebook12015 was a good year, but 20 16 is going to be great!!! Ready for new beginnings, new ventures, and new opportunities— to give, to serve and to share about God’s awesome and incredible goodness along this journey called life!!! Love you all! Peace and blessings, FB fam!
# KeepYourEyesOnThePrize


Unsung Uncle

facebook2Yesterday a strong soldier, who fought so hard to live, who continued to communicate his love until the end, who made us laugh and smiled frequently through his condition, finally made his journey to be with the Lord and the family he loved so dearly. My Uncle Albert was so special to me, but the most special love that I’ve witnessed among men, is the love he and his brothers had for each other. It was simply amazing—something to see! RIP Albert Cherry. Your parents and The Cherry Boys (George “Boy”, Evander “Norvell” and Albert “Baby”) are all together. Aunt L, his wife, my aunt, my godmother, is the epitome of love and commitment to a husband.  I am in awe of her strength and dedication. May God continue to bless her richly. Please keep the Cherry family in prayer.



Healing comes with airing some uncomfortable truths…whether it be a relationship with a spouse or significant other, a circle of close friends or even work cohorts. Masks don’t wear well, and people often see clearly through them with an unobstructed view of the “true” face, right past the “I love you” and the smile….ijs, yall. So much beauty in being real!!!!


The Blessing of a Good Father

Joel Osteen ‘ s message. “The Blessing” was so powerful and ministered to my spirit this morning. He shared that the blessing of a father carries so much weight that it can help release you to a new level of your destiny. Perfect message and perfect timing! I needed the reminder that my dad is in the grandstands of heaven cheering me on. Evander Norvell Cherry gave this girl what she needed…love, support and honor! Thank God for the blessing of a good father.


Senselessness In Charleston

Thinking with a heavy heart about the victims of the Charleston massacre and their families. Hatred seems to have no boundaries, but God is able to do All things. Praying for peace and love to abide in the hearts of those who walk amongst us with their hearts filled with the toxins that allow senseless acts like this to occur. Sad time!


Remembering Love


When life’s toxins are rampant, it’s the beauty of love and what and Who it represents that makes me smile. Ran across this pic that brought on a much needed smile this evening. God is love, people. Evil intentions are venomous, however they don’t kill the spirit of those who know the true meaning of God’s love and His favor, no matter what. Ijs…..


Myth About Mistakes

Just watched Jay Williams on Super Soul Sunday. An amazing interview. A lesson in that life’s mistakes do not define who we are, but are certainly catalysts in helping us to grow…. spiritually, faithfully, emotionally and mentally. Jay’s story of finding his path through faith and humility is a testament to God’s marvelous plan for our lives. We Are Overcomers! We Are Conquerors! And it’s all because of HE who loves us unconditionally. To God be the glory!


A New Year – 2015

Happy New Year FB fam!! 2014 brought about major change in my life. I learned a lot about me, how to “stand” in adversity, and how to truly trust God’s guidance. Along the way, my family and true friends loved me, supported me, gave me Godly counsel and lifted me in ‘valley’ moments. Through it all, I can say I have peace of mind, peace of spirit–Thank You Lord!!! And thank you, FB fam, for sharing in the journey. I am so looking forward to all 2015 will bring. I am prayerful and hopeful and have great expectations for the New Year and beyond. Love U!!!!


Godly Counsel—Not Just Friends

So blessed to have friends who never hesitate to give me Godly counsel, and lift me up when I’m having “a moment”. Those who are genuinely concerned about everything and everyone connected to me. You know who you are, and trust me, I don’t take your friendship, love and support for granted.


 Losing Daddy

Reflecting on a year that rocked the soul of my existence…losing my dad. It really has seemed at times that “the earth had shifted off its axis and everything was off kilter”, but the love of an awesome, incredible God kept me lifted in some dark moments. I say to the Cherry family all the time that we are small in number but large in our faith, and that faith has sustained us for sure in getting through 2013. I say to you, FB family, let everyday be special to the ones you love. Life is a precious gift that we take for granted and so is family. Live 2014 like it is the last year of your life and spread a lot of love along the way. Thanks to each of you for your love, prayers and support. 2014 is gonna be great…believe it and receive it!! Love you ALL! Peace and blessings!