Remembering Mama 💜

The phone call was at 10:51 a.m., Sunday, February 21st. It has only been two weeks, and it feels like just yesterday. The pain is tremendous. I know what it feels like, yet again, to literally have your heart aching. I feel a little lost, like I’m floundering most days, but I thank God each day that Mama is not in pain or in distress— Heaven is free of that. I’m grateful that she’s at peace and resting— Heaven is indeed that place. I’m grateful that the last words the nurse told me that she spoke were, “Lord, have mercy.” 🙌🏾

Dear God, thank you for my mama’s life of 89 years. Thank you for letting her be the vessel in which you granted me life. Give me strength to endure the pain of losing her physical presence. I thank you that her beautiful, sweet, protective and loving spirit are with me each day that I’m blessed to wake. Let her light shine in/through me. Help me to continue to make her proud of the daughter that she and daddy raised me to be— to love God, to love people, to do what’s right, to be accountable when I’m wrong, and to simply do “good.” Thank you for this life. Amen.

Remember her smile….

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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  1. Peter G Singletary Jr says:

    I day to remember…….God knows best…

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