The Embrace of THANKSgiving

Each day, not only today, is a day of THANKSgiving.

Make memories that will fill your heart with warmness and love for a lifetime.

Be thankful for the blessing of family—near and far; be grateful for the blessing of friendship.

Remember, fondly, those who have passed away—May our hearts and minds be engulfed with memories past, and entrenched with the love that they brought to our lives.

Accept, as always, the will of God—the safest and most peaceful place to be in…

Care deeply for our loved ones—don’t take their presence for granted.

Embrace today and every day as a blessing from an incredible, amazing and awesome God who loves us without condition—today and forever; Embrace each day as a blessing to be able to pray for one another, as well as ourselves.

I am…Embracing Faith, Hope, and Love; Embracing the power of purposed prayers; Embracing the sweet memory of my dad, Evander; Embracing each day as another opportunity to learn and improve me; Embracing gratitude for spiritual growth; Embracing the beauty of new beginnings; Embracing good food, family, a little fun, and fellowship on THANKSgiving 2019 and each opportunity that we have to do so!

Happy THANKSgiving! #embrace

Peace & Blessings,
Lisa B

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  1. P. G. S. J says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family. Thank you for reminding me of all the things I’m thankful for. If I had a thousand tongues. I couldn’t thank God enough.

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