You’re Invited to Share ~ VineTastic Stories

In a world of ever-evolving craziness in politics, crime, and in general, we are exposed to bad, tragic, evil, and just mind-boggling sad stories on a daily basis. This happens, pretty much, every time we turn on the TV, surf social media, read newspapers or have a conversation. So, to soften that dynamic and to share more about how God shows us His forever goodness in random acts of kindness and/or in day-to-day experiences, The Cherry Vine is introducing VineTastic Stories! This new page was created to highlight a series of personal ‘good’ stories from viewers. God has truly blessed this blog with ‘reach’ around the world. People everywhere need to hear and/or read more about good happenings.

If you’ve had a ‘good story’ experience, and would like to share, please email your story to It can be a couple of sentences or a paragraph.  Any length is acceptable and will be valuable in spreading a good word! Include a title and your name or it can be anonymous.  I’m kicking it off with a good story that warmed my spirit on New Year’s Day morning, 2019.  Click here to check it out: VineTastic Stories!

Thanks in advance for allowing The Cherry Vine to use your words to bless someone else. We all could use a little warmth or encouragement that these type of stories bring. It’s a ‘good story’ year!!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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