#STEMS ~ The Eye of The Storm

In the eye of the storm, there is still peace. There is that hopeful nugget of “it has got to get better”, and a glimmer of who God is, whirling in the center of the eye. As strong and as destructive as the storm may appear to be, we need to grab a hold of the mustard seed faith that is planted in our spirit, always nearby in our minds and seated in our souls to ‘weather’ it—-whether day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute or second-by-second.

Yes, we can certainly count on quite a few storms showing up in this life, no doubt.  So, in storm preparedness, anticipating that the eye is definitely going to hit, remember this….. Although the storm may be raging, we still know who He is and the power that He has to give us the strength to endure; strength to overcome; strength to praise Him in the middle of it, and in the aftermath.  He is the One that gives us those beautiful blue skies after the storm. Stand, bind together, pray together and watch the storm and its remnants move away, in Jesus’ name.

You can study the forecast, prepare for the bad weather, and keep an eye on the eye, however, the ultimate survival of any storm lies in how we’re anchored . . .

“But if the storms don’t cease, 
And if the winds keep on blowing in my life
My soul has been anchored in the Lord”

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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  1. Teresa Finch says:

    I will print this to read over and over!!!

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    1. You should because you were the catalyst for my thoughts! Friends praying together in the eye of the storm. 🍒❤


  2. Sylvia H. Davis says:

    Awesome!!! Something I strive to remember daily.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvia! 🍒❤


  3. Edith Penny says:

    Lisa B,
    Thank you. I have been in the midst of storms and the calmness of the eye for yet another and another storm to come for the past few months. We have spoken about them often. Holding on to God’s Unchanging Hands has helped me to go through and to continue through. In the midst of it all, I learned that God’s word answers all uneasiness. In Matthew 7:7(NIV) are the words “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” I have prayed, sought God’s divine wisdom and prayed for the doors of peace and calmness and a sense of wholeness come to me. And then in Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV) “God said, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.” As I go through these times – like driving in a horrible thunderstorm, praying for peace and calm – I remember that holding onto my belief in God’s faithfulness and his unconditional love for me, He will bring in HIS time a peace and joy like no other. This is yet only a test … that will bring a testimony. “The Eye of The Storm” truly brings you closer to God.
    Love ya!

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    1. I know your story, EP. Your strength, your faith and your relationship with God is amazing! Love you, girl! Thanks for sharing your heart. 🍒❤

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  4. Angela Ward says:

    Jesus Jesus Jesus

    This is a song that I carry in my soul. The lyrics-

    Though the storms keep on raging in my life,
    and sometimes it’s hard to tell my night from day.
    Still that hope that lies within is reassured
    as I keep my eyes upon the distant shore;
    I know He’ll lead me safely to that
    blessed place He hs prepared

    I realize that somtimes in this life
    you’re gonna be tossed by the waves
    and the currents that seem so fierce,
    but in the word of God I’ve got an anchor;
    and it keeps me steadfast and unmovable
    despite the tide.

    Thanks Lisa

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    1. Yes, and Amen! 🍒❤

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