Hugs For Houston

Harvey’s high waters roared onto the streets and communities of Houston like a lion
Wreaking havoc upon the city, with no resemblance of anything close to Zion

Only truly understood by folk who are living the devastation, breathing flood-ridden air
And finding ways to live through this new temporary life of utter disrepair

Using every resource possible to simply survive and to calmly cope
Many feeling like they have no saving grace, nor an ounce of hope

Seems as though the media is covering the good, but also every single sad angle
Often leaving us who wake to our daily ‘norm’, with a spirit that is dismal and mangled

Time and time again, we watch the many stories about the flooding and water rescue
It’s been days since some have seen signs of grass…even just a little bit of green fescue

Only God knows why we are dealing with and witnessing another natural disaster
So, we have to trust His works because He Is God—The Wonderful All-Knowing Master

Now, yet again, we’ve been given reason to search our souls, to kneel and to pray
This time, for our Texan brothers and sisters who need our Love, Support and Hugs—-Needed them yesterday, but also tomorrow and each blessing that we call Today!


Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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