TCV One-Year Anniversary Speech ~ Thanks!

This is the speech shared with those present for the one-year anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 29th. Although all readers and followers could not be attendance for the occassion, please know that I Thank each of YOU for taking moments to read the expressions of my heart. I am so grateful for your love and support. It is my prayer that you are, and will continue to be inspired by the writings on The Cherry Vine!

~On April 24, 2016, at The Cherry Vine’s Blog Launch, I charged family and friends present on that Sunday afternoon to exercise CHOICE. To….

C Choose wisely, only after

H Hearing the voice of God. Be

O Obedient to his word and follow the

I Instructions that He has given. Be ready to

C Carve out the change that may be required to follow this new path, and His favor will be

E Ever present as you walk in His purpose for your life!

This year, as we celebrate the one-year anniversary, I’m simply asking you to accept the special delivery of “A Sip of THANKS” served up via your take-home favor—a card with a mini can of Cherry Coke. The card reads:

T Take the time to study the Word and engage in daily devotion. Use this as a tool to search yourself to discover who you really are…not your ‘surface’ self, but your internal being.

H Have not a little faith, but a lot of faith in what God can do in your life.

A Aim high to seek your Divine purpose. It is a journey of finding peace in your heart, mind, and soul.

N Nurture your spiritual gifts and protect them with your life. They allow you to speak your truth in a special way that is uniquely designed by God just for you.

K Know that whatever God does in your life has no limits…The ceiling is not the roof! 🙂

S Sow good seeds in fertile soil to spring forth blossoms of flowers that only serve the purpose to illuminate and beautify someone else’s path.

In addition, I ask that you take moments to Look – – – to Look Back, to Look Up and to Look Ahead!! I’m borrowing this concept from the Daily Walk Bible, as readers are taken on a reflective journey after studying each book of the Bible. So in that regard, my friends, on today, Saturday evening, April 29, 2017……

I Look Back… On the CHOICE to live my purpose, and I’m pleased. Because I made that CHOICE, on the one-year anniversary date of The Cherry Vine, there were:

  • 18, 986 Views
  • 3370 Visitors
  • Viewers in 38 countries other than the US; 16 of them are new countries that have been added in 2017
  • Also, 2016 presented a year of reflection, as ‘Taking A Look’ was the most popular blog.
  • So far, 2017 represents valuing life, as ‘Too Late… Shouldv’e Taken The Time’, written about my late cousin, Janelle Grandy, has been the most popular.

I Look Up…Thanking God for the opportunity to impact and inspire the lives of His children around the world.

I Look Ahead…to Year-Two and beyond and everything that God has destined for me on this journey. I also look forward to having each of you, riding, walking, stepping, and running with me. More importantly, I look forward to you praying with and for me along the way.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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