“Potter” Moments

…. Kind of started yesterday with a YouTube video of three ladies singing “The Potter’s House.” Someone who has been a rock, a sphere of conscious, my “checker”, a motivator, a prayer partner, and a good friend messaged me to lift my spirits, as I had left work two days earlier not feeling well. As usual, she was on point.  The song did exactly what it was designed to do. If you don’t remember this gospel tune, originally done, as I remember, by Tremaine Hawkins, it goes like this:

In case you have fallen by the wayside of life
Dreams and visions shattered. You all broken inside
You don’t have to stay in the shape that you’re in…
The Potter wants to put you back together again
Oh, The Potter wants to put you back together again

In case your situation has turned upside down
And all that you’ve accomplished is now on the ground
You don’t have to stay in the shape that you’re in
The Potter wants to put you back together again
Oh, The Potter wants to put you back together again

You are broken
Stop by….. The Potter’s House
You need mending
Stop by …. The Potter’s House
Give him the fragments of your broken life, my friend
The Potter wants to put you back together again
Oh, The Potter wants to put you back together again

The video was accompanied by this greeting, “Lisa B. Enjoy this!! Hope you are feeling better.” Shocked and amazed by this particular song, I responded, “Wow! How did you know?? I used to listen to that song all the time!! Thank you, sweet T! I had gotten better, then started feeling bad again this morning, but the Potter…..!!! Love you, girlie!” She then replied, “I don’t know … my spirit just said… send it to Lisa B. But that is how he works. We have to be keenly aware of his voice, then obedient. I pray that you will feel better soon. You know, the stillness of this snow… you have to get still and quiet to capture the full experience of it. That reminds me of God … Today is not a day of violent thunderstorms… but a day of stillness… quiet appreciation of his work. hmmmm…. But one thing is for sure…. his power is the same in the storm and the stillness…” Wow, see why she’s something special??

I listened to the song and watched the video over and over and over yesterday morning, as I reflected on a time when not only that song, but the entire CD, by Tremaine Hawkins, got me through some difficult times. Finally putting it to rest in my head, and in my spirit, I went on about my day. But then!! This morning’s FB memories from 2012 had a picture of me and my dad on the last Christmas of his sweet life. Staring at the picture, I began to miss him. I began to remember how he so warmly loved his family. I began to think about what today and the last few days would’ve been like had he been here. I began thinking of, with tears flowing, the selfless love that he showered me with. I knew that if he was here, he would’ve made sure that his baby girl had everything she needed to get through the snowy weather and to make her feel better. I began to reflect, yet again, as I do this often, on the blessing of a good father. As I shared the FB post and other pictures of him with my sister and my niece, the tears flowed more. My niece responded first. Reading her text, I felt her heart, as if it were mine too. You see, he loved us all the same, although everybody believes that they were the favorite 🙂  A good example being a family trivia game question this past Thanksgiving— “Who was daddy’s favorite?” Each one of us raised our hand in lightning speed! lol

I can go on and on about my father, but I want to close here….How did she somehow know, in advance, that today would be a “Potter” Moment for me?? How did she know that this song would be the one that would help me to pull together today’s temporary fragments of my broken life? How did she know that I would need these divinely sent lyrics on yet another day that I remember June 9, 2013, when my life seemed as if it was turned upside down? I believe, without any doubt, that God always knows what we need. He always knows when we need it, and He knows which person to task with delivering it. He selects His vessel of the moment, and equips them with a special delivery package, sent from “The Potter’s House!”

The lyrics further go, not exactly, but something like this:
Joy—in The Potter’s House
He’ll give you joy— in The Potter’s House
I know there’s peace –- in the Potter’s House
For the weary soul…peace– in The Potter’s House
You’ll find love, yes you will—in The Potter’s House
If you’re looking for love, The Potter has it for you, yes He does
And there is salvation—in The Potter’s House. Do you believe it?
There is salvation—in The Potter’s House
God can change your life…
If you need healing for your body…
Thank God there is deliverance— In The Potter’s House
You’ll find everything you need in the Potter’s house….

We all have “Potter” Moments…..Know where to go to get relief! Know how to receive it! Thanks to my friend, T, for the reminder. Check out both versions–the one she sent and the original in Music’s Manna, via the link below.


Peace & Blessings,
Lisa B



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  1. Sandra Raynor says:

    I thank God for the POTTER!! Because if not for Him, I would be in million pieces!!!!

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  2. DEIDRE CLARDY says:

    Love the Potter’s House post and the song by Tremaine. She is one of my all time favorite gospel artist. Be blessed and thanks for sharing.

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  3. JaQuita Cherry-Richardson says:

    Unlike the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty our King will put us back together again!!…Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..All the king’s horses and all the king’s men..couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again. I guess the rest is left to the readers’ imagination… My vivid imagination allows me to see pieces of Humpty all over the place. The king’s horses and men standing there shaking their heads because there is nothing they can do. Whereas, we are so fortunate we don’t need horses or men to put our pieces and/or fragments back together again! When we fall into pieces due to struggles, pressures, lack of faith, addictions, and just caught up in the ways of this world, etc.,…THE POTTER WANTS (AND WILL) PUT US BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!

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  4. Lady Dee says:

    Prayer is where burdens changes shoulders. Take all of your potter moments to HIM in prayer … leave it there…. watch HIM move 🙏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Markus "Big Moe " Wiggins says:

    Thank you Lisa B for sharing your heart once again…

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