#Stems ~ Got Problems?

Problems??? Everybody has them! They may seem to vanish at times, but they are cyclical little things that keep spinning around like a broken roulette wheel that only stops on the spot displayed as, “Boomerang~I’m Back!”

We, oftentimes, spend more hours questioning the “why”, or drag through days and months of getting stuck on the “what is” versus focusing on “what will or what can be.” The path to getting to the other side of the toxic feel of the what and why of our problem is paved with praying for direction and guidance and believing in God’s power of deliverance. The journey along this path is doable, because our problems are not foreign to Him… He has seen it all! He is crafty in conquering giants–the biggest ones you can imagine. Always in music mode, I’m thinking of the lyrics to an upbeat gospel tune that beautifully expresses, “Giants do die.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall…”

Continuing to live in the Land of the Giants and focusing on the things that should only temporarily have us bound can be lethal.  It can kill our spirit and our desire to live a fulfilling and happy life.  So, today’s Stem of The Cherry Vine is simple and timely for me, and hopefully helpful to you.  These words are resonating in my spirit and settling to my soul …..

Making the Pain of our Problems our existence, interferes with finding our Peace, our Purpose, and Pollutes the Path to follow God’s Plan for our lives! Perplexed by those ole Problems?  Find Peace in Praise and Prayer! God is Perfectly  and Powerfully Positioned to Push Past the Poison of our Problems!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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