“Do You” Moments….

This picture of my K9 child, Khloe, just doing “her”, no harm – no foul (had no business sitting on the table!), reminds me of me! I’m simply trying to do this life the best I can, given the challenges that I’m faced with each day. Although these challenges may not measure up to the challenges that countless others face, they are still challenges that sometimes cause a little or at times, a lot of emotional and spiritual unrest. I try really hard to use these challenges as opportunities to rethink, pray and react (or not) to improve how I matriculate through this thing called Life.

I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with a forum to share my heart, my mind, my experiences and my self-sermons with so many others. The fact that people are responding that they are inspired, blessed and empowered feeds the soul of who I am–The soul of the me, who waited so long to find her way and her purpose.

Hopefully “The Cherry Vine” helps you to recognize and/or remember who you are.  Take a moment to jot down who you are–It is therapy to the soul of all of us who are, undoubtedly, “works-in-progress!”

Who am I (The Voice of theVine)?

  • I am a child of God, who passionately and deeply loves the Lord and the relationship I have with Him—working daily to improve that relationship!
  • I am flawed, yet favored!
  • I am thankful for who He made me and for the vessels that He chose to bring me into His world and mold my character–my sweet parents!
  • I am ever so thankful and grateful that He saw fit and thought that I was worthy to be a parent, for my daughter is my heart!!!
  • I am challenged by the pain of losing those I love, by heartache, by disappointment, like everyone else…I choose not to live in the valley! I do find my way out— in my own time that I ask for divine guidance about!
  • I am one who loves hard and is very selective about my inner circle! I am not confused about who they are!
  • I am one who is grateful for You!

Today, as I get ready to embark on some “me” time, much like Khloe :-), I want to thank each of you for your support; for taking a few minutes out of your day to hear my heart. I appreciate you!!!  For those who comment on the site, please know that your story, your comments are blessing others.

Happy Sunday and take some moments to have a Khloe – like experience! 😉 I’m just sayin……

Peace & Blessings,
Lisa B


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lissie Brown says:

    Flawed, yet favored!!! Yasssss! What a blessing 🙏🏽👏🏽

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  2. Veronica Taylor says:

    Just look at my adorable K9 niece, Khloe. She looks like she is just enjoying the moment of peacefulness. Too often we tend to forget moments of absolute peace of mind until chaos happens. Each time we experience a peaceful moment take the time to give God praise for that experience. A peaceful mind and heart have a direct connection to God.

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  3. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Awesome WOG…yes we all need to do like Chole and You and find time to relax, grow, and develop a more Personal relationship with the Ultimate One! God’s Favor is fair and warranted over the lives of His chosen vessels. I’m honored and count all my challenges as Joy! For the Joy of the Lord TRULY is our Strength. Today, I will make time to write down some of the things that make me. Blessed child of God…be it painful experiences or happy ones! I’m so Elated by The Cherry Vine!! God Did That with “You”….💜🙏🏽🌹🌹🌹

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