Extinguishing Hazardous Flames…Enjoy Good Fireworks!

The 4th of July marks a day in which we celebrate Independence Day. Many of us celebrate by taking in a fireworks display, a cookout with family and friends or for some, it’s a day to chill, relax and enjoy a day off work.  For me, it’s vacay time! 🙂

This year, in conjunction with all of the 4th celebratory activities, let’s take a moment to celebrate each other. There is sooooo much toxicity in the atmosphere these days!! Toxic fumes surrounding family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, neighbors and strangers. We’re in the dead heat of things and situations that have surfaced that really don’t mean of hill of those baked beans we might devour during the holiday! What matters most is that we not only love each other, but celebrate the good, light that infamous candle, lift up, encourage, inspire and pray for those folk who we are blessed to have in our lives, in whatever capacity. Absolutely no one just happens upon our path by chance–they show up for a reason, for a season, to teach us something.

Are we really noticing that people are dying every day—very young, middle-aged and older?? Are we really paying attention to how short life is? Are we focusing more on punitive measures for how someone may have disrespected, hurt, disappointed or unfairly defamed our character? Are we still fuming because we didn’t get our selfish way? Are we upset with someone else only because a good friend is upset with them? Are we emotionally punishing someone because they may have had a few raggedy moments and completely tore up “the girls’ code” or “man- law?” Are we prepared to Get Over It and live or take the chance on dying with malice in our heart? Let’s be reminded that everyone has had and will continue to have moments of foul actions and thank God that He forgives us and celebrates us in His love for us every day, despite our sometimes reckless, and yes, “ratchet” behavior.

So, as we prepare for the fireworks, make time during this holiday to extinguish toxic flames– to forget about the “foolery”, as my daughter calls it, exercise some forgiveness and celebrate each other through a kind word, through complimentary actions, by lighting sparks of love, celebrating each other for who we are and how we were uniquely and divinely made to be no one else other than our sometimes raggedy, but overall loving selves! 🙂

Celebrate Independence of, not Dependence on petty emotional baggage and be thankful that as long as we’re breathing and have the gift of expression, we can say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Let’s talk about it”, “It’s really okay”, “I’m over it, so let’s move on”, and speak life to someone who could really use a little touch of love and kindness!

Celebrating ME and YOU!  Happy 4th of July holiday!!

In ALL things give thanks– Thanks to one of my super supportive BFFs for sharing a powerful message on “Get Over It” that has stayed in my spirit all week long!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B


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  1. Manboy says:

    Thanks. I’m over it all


  2. VBMoody says:

    Wow!!! As I read the Independence Day piece it truly reminded me that I continue to struggle w/foregiveness. People do different things to betray your love & trust & sometimes there’s that one last thing that makes you want to write them off forever & never utter another kind word to them. I’m constantly fighting the battle of showing kindness & compassion vs. not letting someone take advantage of me…..AGAIN!!! How to say NO w/o appearing to still be vengeful is a constant battle. I am continuing to pray about it & let God guide me in that regard but thank you for your constant reminders in The Cherry Vine that I am a work in progress & still have much to do! Much Love Auntie!!!

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  3. Reblogged this on southernmomjd and commented:
    Thanks for this inspiring post Lisa B. I really needed to read these words this morning!

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  4. Sandra Raynor says:

    Lisa, I have been so touched by your Cherryvine blogs this week! Not only are they heartfelt but they speak so much life into my spirit. God has such a way of giving us exactly what we need when we need it. It may not always be how we want to hear it or even when we want to hear it but when we truly get in tune to God’s Word and speak to Him daily, He will truly communicate with us. The dependence and personal relationship with God strengthens me and allows me to be free in Him and it does not allow me to drown in disparities that come into my life. When we speak life into others it always come back to us. While going through some trying times, I know that God works everything out for my good, but this week, for a moment I forgot. But I was reminded by my daughter, “Momma, don’t worry, it always work out”. That is something that I had deposited in her life since she was a little girl & for her to remind me of that it spoke volumes to my spirit. And just like your blogs, you continue to remind us all that we are not perfect but in God is where we should put all our trust. Forgive others like God has forgiven us and lean not to our own understanding but in all things trust God! Continue to allow God to use you, because I can speak for me, I need the “CHERRYVINE” during this season of my life!!

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