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  1. JaQuita Cherry-Richardson says:

    AWESOME READ!! When I feel like I’m burdened with misfortunes, the perfect remedy is praying to God for strength and guidance. I try not to get discouraged about test and trials but try and get SOMETHING POSITIVE out of them. They tend to be so propulsive at times that there aren’t words I can use to explain them as I pass through them relieved of worries, fears, and my doubts. However, I realize to mature spiritually, I have to TRUST GOD. I’m more than sure God gives us these tests and trials so that we will learn how to defeat our flesh. #TrustGod

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  2. Sandra Raynor says:

    Carolyn, I was blessed by the word that you shared. I do believe that we are living testimonies and that God gets all the glory in all that we go through. Thanks for sharing yours and know that someone else will be uplifted by knowing they are not alone.

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  3. Kelsey says:

    Great read!

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    1. Carolyn Johnson says:

      Thank you Sandra…so happy it blessed you! We serve an Amazinly Fair, Loving, and Kind God! May He continue to keep you and your family wrapped in His tender care! 💜

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    2. Carolyn Johnson says:

      Thank-you Kelsey, God bless you always! 💜


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