Gifting A Lifeline

When we think of gifts, most of us think of those tangible items like clothes, money, gift cards, a beautiful piece of jewelry, flowers or possibly a good book. The book, most definitely, has to be a “good read”—the latest romance or suspense novel, a well-written work of the best career enhancing strategies or a trendy new DIY (Do-It-Yourself) magazine subscription, etc. For me, one of the worst gifts I’ve ever received, was a bottle of perfume (or shall I say eau de toilette) that didn’t appease my sense of smell at all! 🙂  The idea of gift giving, for the most part, is to serve the purpose of providing some sort of temporary gratification, whether physical, mental or emotional—to make us feel good, to warm our hearts, to make us happy.

With that being said, when we think of gifting life, our thoughts generally steer in the direction of a physiological realm…the result of someone or something ensuring that a person has the capacity to live, to breathe, has a heartbeat and a thumping pulse.  However, gifts of life extend way beyond the physical and physiological, they are actual lifelines!  Gifting someone with spiritual or inspirational items, with the intent to help them “live”, to breathe life into them is underrated and very powerful! This CPR can deliver an increased pace of a spiritual jog, start a brisk walk toward your purpose-filled journey or teach you to crawl as you seek to build a relationship with God. Again, it’s has a semblance of being given a lifeline.

Less than a year ago, I received a package of items that literally changed my life. The package contained four gifts- two books (a daily devotional and a book entitled, “You Can Begin Again”), an easy-listening jazz CD and a plaque about womanhood that delivered a profound reminder about who I was.  Each gift was well thought out, with specific meaning and purpose in mind. As I rumbled through packing paper and unveiled each item, the tears began to roll. Emotions were on a huge high, because I was so thankful that this person had truly listened to me. This person knew my story and saw the need to pour into my life.  This friend had carefully assessed what tools I might need to remain focused and to seek God for answers.  These gifts didn’t deliver temporary gratification.  Because they were carefully chosen to strengthen my foundation and spiritual core, I had been gifted with a LIFELINE!

Recently, I was blessed to receive yet another “gift of life” that has truly been a light to my path—“the Daily Walk Bible.”  Although I was raised in church, attended Sunday School and have been connected to Church and my belief in God all my life, I had never embarked on reading the Bible, as a daily practice…. Sad but true! Can’t change the past, even the recent past, however, I am now learning so much about what others have spoken of and understanding stories behind well-articulated sermons that I’ve heard over the years.  The Bible covers everything! It’s all in there!! This girl just didn’t take the time to experience what is now cultivating knowledge, based on seeking and reading God’s word, as a part of daily devotion.  Trust me, there are great and wonderful devotional literary works at my bedside, but it is “the Daily Walk Bible” that has recently excited my spirit and has made me feel good about the path that I’m taking to become a better me.  It is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! It is giving me life! I’ve been given another LIFELINE!

The NIV scripture, 1 Peter 4:10 states that, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”  In the beauty of those words, as we have been given gifts from the Creator, let’s redirect or re-energize our focus on gifting.  Of course, we have to continue to give of ourselves in other Godly ways, but in addition, when you’re looking for the perfect gift, be sure to consider feeding a person’s soul. Give them a LIFELINE!  Other gifts are wonderful and very much appreciated, but the spiritual gifts allow the recipient an opportunity to embrace their true self, to figure out some lingering “whys”, to build on that Godly foundation that allows a concrete structure of strength, renewed faith, love and purpose, deeply rooted in the gift of the One who is The Perfect Gift—The One who has gifted us with the ultimate LIFELINE, ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ!


Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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  1. Teresa Finch says:

    Wonderful !! Made me think about what lifelines I have available to me.

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    1. You are indeed a lifeline for me!! Thanks for being a consummate supporter and for encouraging me to stay focused.


  2. Vinecia Bunch Parraway says:

    Lisa, God is surely using you in these beautiful words of encouragement. May blessings continue to fall upon you during your walk in this time and you continue to reap the harvest of what the Lord has for you. Thank you and love you much cousin!

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  3. Leslie P. Gamble says:

    OMG Lisa!!! You are truly hearing God’s voice and I am blessed by each blog that he has given you to write. God has given you an INCREDIBLE gift that is reaching heights unknown!!! Keep on listening and writing what God inspires you to write!!! You are truly the voice of the vine; Jesus who has given you the breath of life to share with us!!! I receive it ALL in his name, Jesus Christ!!!

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  4. NEB says:

    You are doing it LB!! Encouragement at its best. 😘🙏🏽🙌🏽

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  5. Jaquita Cherry-Richardson says:

    As usual…✔✔✔✔👍👍👍👍💯…your reads are THE BEST…they get better and better each time …I N S P I R I N G!

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  6. Sharon Watson says:

    Reading this is so inspirational! It takes Life Experiences and Maturity to reach this level in life and you seem to be there. I just recently attended classes at my church and the class was called “How to be a church member”. It was all about giving and serving others, being last in your church not first and how being a member of the church member was not an entitlement but a gift from God. The gifts that God gives us can be used to give to others. Once we learned this blessings will flow.

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